Who are we ?

The creation

It was over a glass of wine on the terrace that the idea of Bets Between Friends was born. Combining conviviality and challenge, betting on wine and champagne became the key to a beautiful innovation between Henri Boulet and Quentin Despeisse. 
Henri, a 20 year old business school graduate, was preparing for the role of entrepreneur and approached Quentin, a 24 year old computer engineer. 
Epicurean by nature, they wanted to offer a concept that would encourage sharing and happy moments with friends and family.
The two partners then launched the creation of BBF in february 2021. 

Young and ambitious, they gradually developed their network, met producers in Reims and Avignon, and presented the project to many potential clients in Marseille and Paris.
Today, seven French vineyards are collaborating with the Marseille-based startup.
Bets Between Friends offers high-end wine and champagne such as Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Côtes de Provence.


1 – An iOS and Android app for betting with friends. It’s simple and intuitive. Choose a topic to bet on and challenge a friend. Select one or more bottles of wine/champagne to bet on. If you win, you win the bet.
Whether it’s sports, politics, geography, any subject is good for betting with friends. It’s a friendly way to challenge a friend anytime, anywhere and on anything.
Place your bets!

2 – A merchant site is available to make purchases via our website or our App. Find our products available for sale without necessarily betting. Our range of wine and champagne evolves over time to offer you vintages and spirits to suit everyone’s taste at an attractive price.
The possibility of ordering bottles is offered to you and we will prepare them with care. The delivery is done with care to respect the rules of hygiene and temperature to preserve the wine.

3 – A wine shop 100% made in France. We work exclusively with local producers. The French know-how and the richness of our land give birth to products that are renowned throughout the world. We select for you white, rosé and red wines from quality agriculture.
We consider it important to promote our products and to support the French economy. Our winegrowers harvest and work with passion the grapes, to extract the best and produce tasty wines.
To be enjoyed in moderation!

4 – An international vision. Our objectives are great: to export all over the world.
It’s not just in France that we are betting. Our ambition is to start in Europe and then become a global player. The game between friends brings us closer together and it’s all the more enjoyable when we are offered a good bottle of French wine.
Our wine products are very well known and sold in several countries and are appreciated by the palate. It is an opportunity for our concept to reach out to our foreign neighbours, to bring them together to drink together.
The idea of BBF was born during the Covid19 health crisis, so we want to keep in touch even from a distance.
Coming soon!

Our values

Gathering and bringing together those we love. Betting and toasting together

Customer satisfaction
Offering you the best in terms of product, delivery time, price and advice is of paramount importance to BBF

Our products are selected directly from our French vineyards. There is no intermediary between the winemakers and the BBF team.